Working from home

One of the biggest contributors to climate change is vehicle emissions, the daily commute not only plays a big part in this but it also takes up 6-10% of an average persons day just getting to and from their place of business.


If your staff sit in front of a computer and/or talk on the phone throughout the day then working from home for 2-4 days per week will not only reduce the impact on the environment but will also give employees more job satisfaction without the need to sit in traffic day in day out.


Taking a look at the way your business operates, we find how much time is actually needed for a physical presence of employees.


A report is then produced covering the requirements and steps needed to allow people to work from home. 


Providing support and guidance on the roll-out of your work from home scheme, ensuring regular physical meetings are in place too.

The benefits of working from home

Saying goodbye to the daily commute:

Eliminating a daily stress

Commuting is a stressful task, hundreds if not thousands of people all rushing to get to work at very similar times leads to slightly crazy in car behaviour and unnecessary road rage.

Dramatically reducing air pollution

If everyone that could work from home did so the roads would be clearer and the air would be so much cleaner. Have you seen the amount of vehicles with just a driver in the congested rush hour?

A much improved quality of life

With a more flexible approach to working hours, employees are free to work around their lives meaning they can be at home with children or pop to the dentist if needed and still able to get all their work completed.

Savings all round

Everyone saves when a work from home scheme is in place. Your business might not necessarily need a large office space any longer, you can meet at nice venues when everyone needs to get together. Imagine a nice pub lunch to hold meetings instead of a boring office! Not only that, employees wouldn’t need to spend so much money on fuel for their vehicles. 

You can make a difference?