Supply chain consultation

When was the last time you looked into the ethics of your suppliers? Could they be doing more to reduce their impact? There’s likely to other companies that are more sustainable that can fulfil your needs. We need to take responsibility for all aspects of our impact on the planet.


It starts “at home” of course but if we make more ethical choices throughout the supply chain everyone and the planet will benefit. And dare I say it, the companies that aren’t environmentally conscious or ethicial in their practices will hopefully change their ways or be lost to a better way of thinking.

Look at your suppliers

Research into your suppliers is the first step. Finding out what their environmental policies are if any and looking into ethical alternatives.


Once we’ve consulted on your current supply chain we provide a report on your best options to make sure all the cogs in the machine are green.

Over to you

Set up the new suppliers and forge positive relationships with like-minded companies leading to more meaningful reductions to your impact on the environment.

Benefits of a greener supply chain

A clearer conscience:

Lessening the impact on a wider scale

This kind of forward thinking is vital for the pace of what we need to achieve as a species to really make a difference.

Cutting out unnecessary waste

Just like the excessive amount of packaging we see in our supermarkets making better choices in your supply chain can cut out said packaging and waste.

Saving time, money and ultimately the planet

If you don’t have to process excess paperwork, packaging and other things that come bundled with unethical suppliers, you’ll no longer need to spend that time which means saved money and of course saving the planet. 

You can make a difference?